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Welcome!  This personal web site is created to share with my colleagues and friends what I have learned (including the many mistakes I have made) in healthcare technology management, also known as clinical engineering, biomedical engineering, or asset management.  I hope you will find something interesting and/or useful here and tell me what other things I need to learn.

Upcoming Presentations and Publications
  • Wang B, Flournoy V, Bittleman K, Grimes S & Kerwin R, Panel Discussion: How To React to FDA’s Report and Possible ANPR on Device Servicing?, AAMI Annual Meeting, June 2018

  • Wang B & Tabshouri B, The Joint Commission Versus Joint Commission International: Part II—Comparing the Survey Practices, Journal of Clinical Engineering, 2018

Recent Additions

  • Wang B & Tabshouri B, The Joint Commission Versus Joint Commission International: Part I—Comparing the Standards for Medical Equipment Management and Maintenance, Journal of Clinical Engineering: January/March 2018 - Volume 43 - Issue 1 - p 29–47

  • Wang B, Float Your SPI and Go Fishing!, 24x7 magazine, August 25, 2017, available at

  • Wang B, To Mock or Not to Mock (Survey): That’s the Question!, 24x7 magazine, April 23, 2017, available at

  • Wang B, ‘Perfect Attendance’ or Honest Safety Improvement? Published on February 28, 2017,

  • Wang B, Proving Safety & Effectiveness of Your HTM Program to Accreditation Organizations and Regulatory Agencies, AAMI Annual Meeting, June 2017

  • Wang B, Review of Evidence of Service-Related Incidents Caused by Medical Equipment, AAMI Annual Meeting, June 2017

  • Wang B, A Medical Device Collective Risk Management Model for Health Care Organizations and Postmarket Oversight, J. Clin. Eng., 42:28-35, 2017

For additions older than 12 months, please visit the Additions Archive.

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