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Sc.D., CCE, Prov. QMS Auditor, Fellow ACCE, Fellow AIMBE



Listed below are some of the biomedical instrumentation projects that I have lead or directed.  Most of the projects were carried out at the University of Campinas with the participation of undergraduate and graduate students of electronic engineering before 1990 with the aim of transferring the technology to native industries.  The contribution of these young talents is gratefully acknowledged here. 

NOTE:  Not listed below are consulting projects that were carried out for specific manufacturers due to confidentiality limitations.

  • Transcutaneous electro-neural stimulator (TENS) for pain suppression (transferred to CINEL Ltda.)
  • Amplifier with variable filters for bio-electric signals
  • Thermister-based digital thermometer for physiological preparations
  • Isolated preamplifier for clinical recordings of bio-electric signals
  • Electrical stimulator for eliciting somato-sensory evoked potentials
  • Acoustic stimulator for eliciting auditory evoked potentials
  • Optical patterns stimulator for eliciting visual evoked potentials
  • Microprocessor-based evoked potential processing system
  • Electronic tonometer for the measurement of intra-ocular pressure in patients
  • Ultrasonic lithotriptor for fragmenting renal calculi
  • Modular system for the teaching of transducers and measurement of biomedical parameters
  • Transcutaneous electromagnetic stimulator for accelerating bone consolidation (transferred to BRASMED and subsequently to GM Reis)
  • Radiometer (instantaneous and continuous monitoring) for neonates receiving phototherapy (transferred to FANEM)


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