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Please find below a list of miscellaneous information and documents that I helped prepare or I was honored to be involved.

  • Interviewed in "The PM Debate" by R Diiulio, 24x7 magazine, Aug 2010 (link)
  • Interviewed in "Are You benchmarking yet?" by M. Fotopoulos, 24x7 magazine, Dec. 2006 (link)
  • JCAHO Clinical Engineering Standards Study Group: proposals and drafts for review and comments, 2004-6

  • A special tribute to Bob Morris (one of the pioneers of Clinical Engineering), 2001

  • Open letter to colleagues regarding the WTC and Pentagon tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001

  • Open letter to AAMI Board of Directors regarding suspension of CCE, July 5, 1999

  • Letter to the Editor of Consumer Reports magazine regarding the Y2k risks of medical devices, May 3, 1999

  • Clinical Engineering Profiles, ACCE News, Jan/Feb. 1997

  • Guidelines for Medical Equipment Donation, ACCE, 1995

  • M. Buller, Training Trainers - For love, not money (a roundtable discussion with D. Harrington, T. Judd, F. Painter, and B. Wang), Healthc. Techn. Mgmt. Int'l, pp. 30-35, Nov. 1994 (pdf version available)

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