Binseng Wang
Sc.D., CCE, Prov. QMS Auditor, Fellow ACCE, Fellow AIMBE

Dear Colleagues:

Like everybody else, I was shocked and saddened by the recent tragedies in New York and Washington. Furthermore, I felt somewhat frustrated and helpless seeing that the extra equipment that MEDIQ/PRN's staff prepared around the clock and brought in from as far away as Milwaukee was only used by a small number of victims. It is my understanding from the local hospitals that aside from the initial wave of wounded persons, very few survivors are being found.

During this period, we had little time to pray for the victims, comfort their families and friends, or contemplate on the significance of the events. We had to focus our attention in getting extra equipment available because we knew that our products and services could be vital for the victims. We were determined not to let anger, frustration, grief, or fear paralyze us. I believe many colleagues from the affected areas probably felt the same way.

Now that the situation is getting back to “normal,” I want to thank all those who expressed their sympathies and support, especially from other countries.  More than ever, I am convinced that we live in a small world and cannot ignore problems and conflicts in other people’s “backyard.” Whenever possible, we should share our knowledge and experience. I just hope that I can do a lot more than what I have done so far (see International Activities).  In the long run, I believe terrorism can only be prevented and eliminated by everybody working together, regardless of national origin, race, religion, income level, or cultural and educational background.

Wish everybody a safe and peaceful return to work.

Best regards,

September 18, 2001

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