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Please find below a list of presentations that I made in different parts of the world, mostly since 1995.  This list is incomplete and I will try to add more information as I find time.

  • Revised JCAHO Standards and their impacts on Clinical Engineering, AAMI Conference & Expo, June 24-26, 2006, Washington, DC (pdf version)
  • Clinical Engineering Benchmarking, 29th Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference, Vancouver, BC, June 1-3, 2006 (pdf version)
  • Clinical Engineering Benchmarking: Failure rate as an indicator, NCBA 27th Annual Symposium & Expo, Pinehurst, NC, December 2005 (pdf-version)
  • B. Wang, ISO 9000 as an alternative to FDA regulation for medical equipment servicers and remarketers, Int'l Conf. on ISO 9000, Las Vegas, 2/25-27/2002 (pdf version)
  • B. Wang & A.B. Levenson, An Improved Method for Including Equipment in the Technology Management Program and Determining its Inspection Frequency, World Congr. Med. Phys. and Biomed. Eng., Chicago 2000 (pdf version)
  • B. Wang, E.B. Sloane & B. Patel, Quality Management for a Nationwide Rental Fleet of Biomedical Equipment, World Congr. Med. Phys. and Biomed. Eng., Chicago 2000 (pdf version)
  • E.J. Netto, J.I. Peterson & B. Wang,  Fiber-optic sensor-based instrumentation for gastric pH measurement. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 39a:158, 1994. 
  • B. Wang, C. Toro, E.M. Wassermann, T.A. Zeffiro, R.W. Thatcher & M. Hallett, Integration of electrophysiological data and brain images, Physics in Medicine & Biology, 39a:620, 1994.
  • E.J. Netto, J.I. Peterson & B. Wang,  Fiber optic pH sensor for gastric measurements: preliminary results, SPIE Fiber Optic Sensors in Medical Diagnostics conference, pp.109-117, 1993 (abstract)
  • B. Wang, Maintenance and cost of medical equipment in hospitals. Invited paper, Digest World Congr. Med. Physics & Biomed. Eng., Kyoto - Japan, p. 292, 1991.
  • B. Wang, Management of healthcare equipment in Brazil. Xi'an Satellite Conf. 91 World Congr. Med. Physics & Biomed. Eng., Xi'an - China, p. V-8, 1991.
  • B. Wang, E.J.H. Wu & G.M. Reis Jr., A PC-based integrated evoked potential instrumentation system. Proc. Sixth Int'l Conf. Biomedical Engineering, Singapore, 1990.
  • H.S. Lopes, E.J. Netto & B. Wang, A microprocessor-based phototherapy monitoring station. Proc. V Mediterranean Conf. Med. Biol. Eng., pp. 298-299, 1989. 
  • V.L.S.N. Button  & B. Wang, An optical pattern stimulator for evoked potential. Proc. V Mediterranean Conf. Med. Biol. Eng., pp. 182-183, 1989. 
  • B. Wang & C.P. Candido, A computerized health equipment management system. Proc. VI Conf. Medical Informatics - MEDINFO'89, pp. 1172-1175, 1989.
  • B. Wang, Databases for planning and procurement of health equipment. Proc. IEEE-EMBS 10th Ann. Int'l Conf., pp. 1877-1878, 1988.
  • B. Wang, Clinical Engineering in Brazil. Proc. World Congr. Medical Phys. & Biomedical Eng., p. 196, 1988.
  • G.M. Reis & B. Wang, Desenvolvimento de um estimulador electromagnético para promover consolidação óssea, III Simp. Int. Ing. Biomed., Madrid, 7-9/Oct/1987.

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